MICHAEL KORS launched a new ACCESS smart watch – at the moment, fashion meet the future

michael kors access

September 6, 2016, Michael Kors officially announced the launch of new wearable technology accessories series, with the first works MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch, Michael Kors officially announced to enter the wearable technology market. This new series draw inspiration from the classic watch style Bradshaw and Dylan’s design, specifically for the fashionable avant-garde consumers. As the leading slightly luxurious market brand, this smart watch launched by Michael Kors perfect blend of stylish personality design and innovative cutting-edge technology, to bring you a distinguished timepiece experience.

The MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch is compatible with iPhone® and Android ™ phones, and the core frontier technology of the watch comes from Google’s partnership with Android Wear ™ smart watch platform. MICHAEL KORS ACCESS two smart watches from September 2016 in the global featured retail stores on outlet sale.

MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch price start at 350 US dollars, the activity tracker priced at 95 dollars. Both products are available at Michael Kors stores, MichaelKors.com and featured department stores and specialty stores.

MICHAEL KORS ACCESS discount series

The series is designed to show the seamless connection of technology and social connections, and to provide activity trackers, so you always easy to keep charming style. “Our customers love fashion, and they keep up with the trend all day,” Mr Michael Kors said. “I think that if a exquisite accessory can provide social contact and fitness tracking, they will love.” With Android Wear ™ technical support, MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch in the completion of high-tech precision timing, creating the user’s own fashion style experience, highlighting the user’s extraordinary taste.

MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch provides Private customization services to meet high-end distinguished experience. Including personalized custom dial service, the unique Michael Kors display surface, swipe to replace, whether it is the digital timer is designed for use in the gym, or a sparkling jewel-dial at night, hundreds of possible display surface, color and sub-dial combination, allowing you to create your own cheap style.

Gold watchband with Star dial, fashion sense and functionality of the perfect combination, to bring you not only the noble timepiece experience, but also a visual enjoyment. System-on-a-chip (SoC) Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 2100 is designed to ensure a highly flexible touchscreen experience. Small and exquisite appearance, decorated women slender wrist, more elegant.

Featuring Android Wear ™, this smart wristwatch series is compatible with Apple and Android smartphone systems and connects to applications such as Instagram, Gifted, and receives application notifications. High-tech experience upgrade to the extreme: to meet your social media updates, text messages and e-mail alerts, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the communication; all kinds of APP application reminders; voice activation and voice call, so you can search the Internet or make phone calls without hands. Built-in fitness tracking, allowing you anytime, anywhere with a personal assistant-like luxury experience.

John Idol, President and CEO of Michael Kors, said, “We are very pleased to provide our customers smart watches that help them stay ahead of the trends of everyday life and express themselves in a maverick manner style.”

MICHAEL KORS ACCESS were launched in 18 countries across the world through a global network and print media advertising blockbuster, including films starring Zendaya and supermodel Martha Hunt. The film recorded the two models’ busy day in New York – from morning exercise to sparkling evening parties. Throughout the day, MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch let they keep in sync with friends and maintain an elegant and charming posture, interpretation of a perfect accessory that allows you to really have everything # AccessItAll.

Michael Kors Collection 2016 early autumn series shoes and handbags

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Michael Kors 2016 early autumn series single product design contains crystal, printing and so on many kinds of outlet elements and Michael kors has always respected the pragmatism clever blend in, so that four different of single goods each put extraordinary splendour.

SWAROVSKI crystal series:
Michael Kors will Ambilight exquisite crystal used in Michael kors purses series, this cheap series uses SWAROVSKI crystal elements, clear crystal, add luster for handbags and sleek sandals. Superb craftsman, will a dolphin Swarovski Crystal encrusted on luxury Italian leather, instant glory overflowing.

Printing inlaid series:
This series uses the French high quality leather, in the interpretation of the Italy excellence of craftsmanship, these surfaces are smooth and highly streamlined accessories, the perfect presentation of laser cutting technology and printing mosaic details, give Michael kors early autumn cheap series thick feminine breath. Metal handle and Velcro strap use, followed out Michael Kors as always pragmatism.

Hand printed women’s Shoes series:
Hand printed tailoring neat Emile high-heeled shoes, add more feminine breath. Smooth leather, italy exquisite craftsmanship, create incomparable printing women’s shoes series.

Luxury pragmatism series:
Mr.Michael Kors thinks, to combine the versatility and richness of accessories, will create a gluttonous feast. The polished metal studs hand inlaid in sandal on it, this series adds elegance. After fine polishing of Italy leather colors appear more perfect tone, to endow this series the charm of Pragmatism.

Michael Kors invites you to enjoy the dazzling early autumn.

MICHAEL KORS “first love” series to bring you to review the romantic

michael kors
michael kors romantic huge offer “first love” outlet series, with St. Tropez simple fashion Cheap style for you to weave a pure romantic love of the world.

michael kors handbags in this colorful spring, launched SAVANNAH series handbags. Design simple, morocco cross pattern leather texture of luxury utility, is the undisputed JETSET cheap style. SAVANNAH series of two paragraphs different sizes of handbags, to create more possibilities for the daily mix. Pink color of the color to let the air filled with sweet breath, return to simple romance.

White garments Cheap series, fabric is lightweight soft romantic lace, and the most exquisite embroidery denim fabrics, create a simple white romantic and feminine style. Both white Crochet blouse, self-cultivation scattered placed dress, or sweet sexy strapless dress, simple but full of ingenuity to create a sense of design. Chic mesh sweater, exquisite embroidery and soft lace and fine edge design, for your wardrobe add pure and chic.

This series of clip toe sandals, romantic and lovely color relaxed interpretation of the girl in first love. Nude heels, mellow tone like a hazy love.

michael kors bags personality generous, filled with the vitality of youth.

Michael Kors May pushing new products

michael kors May grand launch of the “bright party” outlet series, from the 60’s of the modern trend. Party is the most charming companion of the night, when the city is shrouded in dark shades, and the story of the day is different from the flow of the air. In the heart of people are buried triggered at any moment restlessness, only the party and carnival, is the destination of the night.

michael kors
“Bright party” outlet series of fashion to highlight the complexity of the gem color, the enthusiasm of the party spirit, and Rhine stone mosaic design to enhance the overall temperament. Deep V collar line, waist pinch fold, animal prints and other elements of the details of the decoration, but also unique fashion focus, let michael kors online in any party situation has become the focus of attention.

michael kors
The new Michael kors handbags is like an unopened surprise, waiting for every curious heart. Inside and outside the color outlet design with pure night package with the party for your fine pondering, add some playful and mysterious.

michael kors
The city skyline chain series jewelry is the stretch of elegance and tenderness. This design inspiration from the city’s geometric lines of jewelry is a microcosm of the city life, personality avant-garde.

Light luxury emperor Michael kors recession road

In May, light luxury King “michael kors store” released 2016 outlet fiscal first quarter earnings, according to the results of earnings, first quarter of a number of data to create the worst.

Michael Kors was founded in 1981, founded by designer Michael Kors, in 2000, Michael Kors opened its first flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York city. 2011 Michael Kors officially listed on the NYSE. To the end of fiscal year 2015, Michael Kors in the world will have 777 retail outlets. 2011 to early 2014 is The heyday of michael kors bags, 2014 April Michael Kors income for the first time beyond the old light luxury brand coach. Stock price has been the highest in history, $101.04 per share, reaching the peak of history. At that time, Michael Kors has laid the light luxury brand dominance.
michael kors bags

When michael kors purses also immersed in the expansion of the market in a dream, reality gave Michael Kors a heavy blow. Beginning in August 2014, Michael Kors shares began to fall, at that time, Wall Street is not satisfied, Michael Kors’s gross margin. As of the first quarter of 2015, Michael Kors has not yet bottomed.

Handsome guy, beauty, go to the Michael kors show grab shot.

America Light luxury brand Michael Kors, recently released at London Fashion Week, 2016 autumn ladies outlet series. It is worth seeing really keep wearing the new series of ideas designed exquisite. In the show, appeared are two south korea handsome guy and beautiful woman(Li Zhongshuo and Gianna Jun). Michael Kors show to add a lot of bright spot.
michael kors

Two of them are carrying michael kors handbags, show atmospheric poise, the high value picture is really beautiful.

Gianna Jun’s sleeve dress comes from michael kors 2016 in early spring cheap series, with a wide belt, it is refreshing. Compared with models, gianna Jun’s handbag color and dress color echoes, high heels are more feminine, the whole dress is full of elegant temperament.

To love my mother Michael Kors 2016 mother’s Day

michael kors
recently, cheap american fashion brand michael kors released 2016 annual mother’s day advertising, photographed by photographer “Hanson Pamela”, brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter, anja together endorsement michael kors Promo. Publicity include: “Jaryn”wristwatch, “Michael kors handbags”, etc.. Other classic single outlet product! The film inside the mother and daughter intimate interaction, showing deep love between mother and daughter.

Intelligent domain add new members, Michael Kors released smart watches.

Recently, the luxury brand(Michael Kors)released the first smart watches series. To become a fashion industry to enter, from the fashion industry to enter the functional areas. This series is equipped with a Android system, will be named“Michael Kors Access”, looks similar to the previous Watch. It is reported that the series will be listed in the fall, $395 from the sale.

Michael Kors Access

Two new Michael Kors smart watches, first appeared in the Basel world watch and Jewellery outlet Show. The golden diamond cheap version, specifically targeting female customers. The black sports version, while the Black Sports Edition for male customers design. Dial by designer (Michael Kors), specially designed. Functional aspects: SMS, e-mail, telephone notification and fitness tracking, etc..

Brand founder (Michael Kors) said:Hope that through fashion, so that people’s lives become more convenient. People every day wearing high-tech parts can also be delicate and attractive

Michael Kors 2016 winter Menswear, Give you warm.

Michael Kors men's wear
(Michael Kors)Recently released Michael Kors Collection 2016 winter men’s series. This season, with black and fawn. Simple design and pay great attention to the practicality of the series of autumn and winter, whether it is luxury style fur coat or simple handsome leather jacket. As well as the collocation of the fluffy backpack, knitted scarf, can make the gentlemen in the winter both to ensure that the grace, and without losing the temperature.

Pattern charm, Michael Kors 2016 early spring series of advertising.

Michael Kors Pattern charm
American luxury brand Michael Kors, exposure to the latest 2016 early spring vacation series of advertising. By the famous photographer(Mario Testino), photography. Russian super female models (Sasha Pivovarova) appearance endorsement. This theme is Pattern charm, shooting, with Cadillac classic (Eldorado) car as the background. To create a natural and casual atmosphere!
Michael Kors Pattern charm